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My journey began in the public school system of that little town, Rochester MI, and continued through Michigan State University, Mexico City College (BA) and the University of Michigan Law School (JD). I am a member of the D. C. Bar, and emeritus member of the State Bar of Michigan. I have worked in the White House, U.S. House and Senate. I have run for the U.S. House twice, once in each party. I once received 797,505 votes in a state-wide election in my native Michigan and lost. It was then I determined that elective office was not in my future.

The Blue Ridge Mountain cabin in which my wife, Jeanne, and I live was purchased 40 years ago as a get-away from the pressures of a Washington D C. life of political staff work and lawyer-lobbying. I have stayed close to the political life, and now work as the aide to our member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

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