The Amsterdam and Crew

AuthorWithJenniferCarver  Author with Jen Carver BeverageManagerWilly  Beverage Manager Willy BustedPropOnTender  Busted Prop on Tender CallistaEddy  Callista and Eddy
CaptMercerHenkMensinkHotelMgr  Author and Wife with Captain Mercer and Hotel Manager Henk Mensink DickJanYetke  Fellow Cruisers Dick and Jan Yetke ExecutiveHouseMgrShiv  Executive House Manager Shiv GaryJeanneCabin  Gary and Jeanne Outside Cabin
HereWeGo  Let The Games Begin IllPassengerLeavingVoyage  Ill Passenger Leaving Boat jeanneInCabin  Jeanne in Cabin with Towel Companion JeanneInFullCelebrationMode  Jeanne - Full Celebration Mode
TheMensinks  Henk and Christel Mensink ValentinesDay  Valentine's Day WaitressPouringDrink  Waitress Serving Drink WineStewardNestor  Wine Steward Nestor