AnotherChineseJunk  Chinese Junk AuthorObservationWheel  Author in Observation Wheel authorTramSign  Gary Boarding the Peak Tram ChineseJunk  Chinese Junk
CityFromVictoriaPeak  From Victoria Peak CoupleSelfieObWheel  Couple Selfie! FromAmsterdam  Kowloon From the Amsterdam FromAmsterdam2  Kowloon From the Amsterdam
FromAmsterdam3  Amsterdam from Observation Wheel HarborTraffic  Harbor Traffic JeanneAndFriend  Jeanne and Friend NightScene  Night Scene
ObservationWheel  Observation Wheel ShampanBigBus  Shampan Big Bus StarFerryCentralPierFromWheel  Star Ferry Central Pier From Observation Wheel YearOfThePig  Year of the Pig!